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Virtual labyrinth walk


There are many ways to approach a labyrinth. Some people run through it, others do a slow walking meditation. Do what feels natural for you, and use this virtual labyrinth for now...

If you don't see the virtual labyrinth moving along, download a Flash player here:



You may also consider this poem as a useful approach to walk a labyrinth...

Enter the Silence

The Star was in the East
And from the East the sun still rises,
So too the entrance to the Path.
The East, both the beginning and the end is there.

A metaphor for life,
The Labyrinth lies coiled ahead.
The path winds forth, closer and not.
The traveler moves forward with inquisitive ease.

As the route winds onward,
The experience begins to change.
Intention and faith are needed,
For now the journey is not as it once seemed.

The Centre is reached,
The resting haven gained at last.
For troubles have faded away
As Entrance to the Silence has been obtained.

As the traveler walks on,
The experience changes again;
To whispers of Truth now and then,
To an even lighter step and a clearer mind.

The Star was in the East
And from the East the sun still rises;
So too the exit from this path.
You See - the end is also a new beginning.

Nadiene Eaton



Last updated March 24, 2005

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